An Inside Look At The Fritzmean Bride

You are confident: This is your wedding day. You’re beautiful and you know it; you’ve taken the time to pick the perfect dress and can’t wait to show it off in front of the camera
You’re ambitious: Like Christina Yang ambitious. You have goals and a vision and you won’t let anyone stand in your way. You know what you want and that is one of your greatest traits.
You believe in quality over quantity: You’d rather have one great pair of shoes rather than 10 pairs that will probably break down tomorrow. You understand what it means to hire a photographer who shares your vision. You believe that photography is an investment, one that you will have for many years to come. You also believe in investing in a planner to ensure that your day runs smoothly.
New england wedding photographer
New england bride
You believe in intimacy: Having an intimate wedding means the world to you. You’ve carefully curated your list and have chosen to share this day with only the people that matter to you most
You know how to have fun: You’re marrying the person of your dreams! You believe in adventure and creating great memories. You don’t take yourself too seriously, your wedding day is supposed to be a fun and memorable day.
You love the classic and timeless look of black & white photographs: B&W photographs focus on emotion do you don’t believe a wedding album is complete without a few.