A Winter Rustic Wedding | North Hamilton Wedding Photographer

Imagine how excited I was when Katie asked me to photograph her wedding day. After a couple of messages back and forth, I met the couple in their home to learn more about them and to discuss their wedding day.

The couple wanted to have an intimate wedding in their home. The house has been around for a long time and was on a beautiful property. When Katie and Alex said that they wanted the ceremony to be outside, I immediately crossed my fingers for a good day. This year, the weather in New England has been so unpredictable. Some days it was warm and other days it was freezing but we got lucky and were able to not only have an outdoor wedding in December but we were also able to take pictures of the couple and their bridal party outdoors without freezing to death (woot woot!).

I absolutely love intimate weddings. There is just something about the warmth and closeness that you feel that can’t be matched by a large wedding. I enjoyed meeting Katie and Alex’s close friends and family, everyone was so welcoming. 

One of my favorite details about the wedding  was the bouquet, it set the tone for the theme of the day. The Bouquet had a very rustic feel to it which I absolutely loved it. They were made by Alex's mother who used to be a florist. Katie looked stunning in her dress. It fit her perfectly and  after the ceremony we took several portrait shots (she was glowing!) and then headed over to the reception hall where guest were treated to an Italian feast. 

I am so happy to have experienced my first wedding day with Katie and Alex. It was an honor to be given the chance to capture their special day and it definitely set the tone for 2016. I am looking forward to meeting more couples in New England!