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Vanessa is a wedding photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Her passion for photography comes from her father Fritz. Throughout her childhood, Vanessa’s favorite activity was sorting through her families photo albums and prints. Her father created albums for every stage of her life. After graduating with a degree in biology from Salem State University, Vanessa rekindled her passion for photography.

 Coming from a large Haitian family and being married to a Ghanaian man, Vanessa knew the importance of culture and tradition and that is why she chose to specialize in multicultural weddings. One of her proudest moments is being published in Munaluchi Magazine. When she is not photographing weddings, she is cuddling on the couch with her two golden doodles Zora and Nova.

 The Fritzmean Photography team includes a videographer Eddie, Vanessa’s husband; Sally, Vanessa’s sister and second photographer.

 Being a newly wed herself, Vanessa believes in making the process of choosing a photographer and planning a wedding day simple and stress free. Whether you need help planning the timeline of your day or someone to vent to because your mother/mother in law has invited all of her friends to your wedding, she is here to help!

The Fritzmean Photography team is excited to work with you!